New Release: Exhale Group Pose

Spending time with mom and sisters today, my mother expressed wanting to take a picture with her girls.  While thinking of the group of ladies we are, a familiar movie came to mind and I became inspired.  So here is my recreation (with some tweaks) of a shot from the movie “Waiting to Exhale”.

KJIm Poses Ad - Exhale Group Pose

Available now inworld! Hope you enjoy making the most of your time with our items!

❤ Miss Kilo


Ribbons and Zula the Fighter for RFL

Ribbons and Zula the Fighter for RFL

KJIm Apparel

Well hellooooooo!

I hope everyone is doing ok!  I’ve been…BUSY!  The past week or so I’ve been working hard on getting items ready for two causes I hold very close to my heart: Autism Awareness & Relay for Life! But before we get into the information about the latter, let me show you what I’ve been working on!

First up, one of my favorite pieces…is BACK!  Back in July, I made this outfit in purple for a wonderful fundraiser for a fellow SL resident who was battling Hodgkins Lymphoma.  I wanted to do more in other colors, but never found the time until recently when I signed on to help Team Purple Tears with the Family Fun Fair (starting TODAY [super excited!! 😀 ]) and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to honor the people in my life that have inspired (and continue to inspire) me throughout my life. Each…

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Purple Tears Family Fun Fair!

Every year, the coordinators for Camp Hardknock sponsor team Purple Tears in the Relay for Life.  I LOVE their work and enjoy donating for their team as often as I can.  This year, they are hosting the Family Fun Fair and KJIm Poses is participating as…A VENDOR!  Come to the fair April 9th – 17th, 2016 for tons of exclusive items from vendors across the grid, all in the name of charity and for cancer research.

Got a kid that’s too grown for your kisses?? Capture the moment with our newest pose (sold exclusive during the fair then moving back to the store after): No kissies!!


This playfully sweet pose will have you cracking up while you try to cover those sweet faces in a flood of kissies from any of your family members. But don’t get it twisted…our little grown folks will definitely put up a fight to keep their cool images intact (at least in front of the camera :P)!

100% of sales of this item will go to Relay for Life SL under the Purple Tears Team during the fair.  So pucker up, grab your little ones and let the celluloid fly!

Bus ride to the camp grounds:

For more information on the Purple Tears, visit: and to see more offerings from this year’s fair, check out their flickr group at

See you soon!

❤ Miss Kilo

First Offerings

Hi all!

So below are my first offerings under KJIm Poses. My kids in SL are everything to me. Each one’s personality is so big that I can’t not enjoy each one and love them for who they are; they’re just that awesome.  So each of these is just a minor reflection of time spent with them. I hope you enjoy and…you can always call nana, take a selfie or just let them think they won the staring contest… 😉


Is the baby missing a distant family member? Help them reach out and touch someone w/ “Talking to Nana”. I’ll bet they can even call…Santa… 😮


What are youuuu looking at? Ok. Let’s see who can stare the longest without laughing. *Clearly…making faces counts in this battle of gazes.*


Wanna capture the moment with your oldest son or one of your favorite men in your life? Yaaas! But first…let us take an Us-sie!


Or…just when he’s about to snap the picture…nail him in the face! WOOT!


We all have that little person with a larger than life personality. Let’s help them stand up a bit taller. 🙂

All are available now in our mainstore and will soon be on our marketplace as well! Coupled with our sister companies, you can shop for everything you need under one roof! Links to all store locations are in the sidebar. ^.^ See you soon.

❤ Miss Kilo